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Mywallet is a card transformation service that turns your old membership cards into digital. Mywallet sets up backend systems that organize your cards and let customers transition from old to digital be as smooth as possible.

Why carry cards When you don’t have to?

Upgrades physical card
into digital Pass

Adds digital functionality into your existing membership card system. Change, update, manage, your customer’s card over the Internet. Cards are no longer your wallet bulk.

Integrates into your existing
customer database

Mywallet content management system communicates and verifies customer information that is stored on your private servers. Point of sales procedure remains the same, just way quicker. Customer experiences are significantly improved.

Active Pass that is always
kept up-to-date

Digital Pass automatically keeps itself updated through Push services whenever it can access the Internet.

Pass is stored on-device,
independent from Internet connection

Unlike cards that are stored within applications, they require downloading and internet connection to refresh and call for services before able to display cards.

Maximized CRM
customization & reach

Snail mail, bulk email, and SMS spamming will be a thing of the past. Digital marketing through our digital pass platform means that you’ll know who, and how many people, will receive your marketing campaign.

Pass is independent
from your application

While applications are crucial on a smart device; your Pass is independent from your current mobile application. Pass takes a little of storage space and functions properly on any supported device.




The most effective digital marketing platform yet so easy to manage.

Fully Customizable CRM Dashboard

We customize our backend CRM dashboard to meet your needs so you see what you care most and away from data that you care less about.

Statistically Logged Information

Pass are logged, counted, and always updated in the system so you can access and update contents on the Pass in realtime: in bulk or individually.

Reach Customers With a More Personal Touch

Non-Specific personal customer profiles can be curated so you can plan a more advanced, more personal promotional offers that are tailored specifically for each group of your customer.